Ranger Series is new project inspired by the success we've had with Making Art, a multi-episode series that has reached millions of viewers world wide and received extensive blog and media coverage. Some more notable features include: 

Making Art serves as an excellent representation of how we envision telling the stories of the National Parks. It's a series that explores the "why" as opposed to simply the "how." 

A prime example of this would be Perspective (see below).

This focus on the "why" is an approach that we see as particularly compelling and potentially beneficial for the National Parks. These thoughtfully produced pieces would feature a ranger as the central character. They would be unscripted and uncoached allowing for authentic heartfelt communication of the value, richness and purpose of our parks. In addition to the genuine tone and evocative real life accounts the pieces would be overlaid with stunning imagery. Nature would be captured in a meditative fashion as in our series A Natural Sense of Place.

Our short term goal is to produce a pilot episode featuring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Areas in which we need assistance is talent selection and park access.